ADA Power Sand Advance 2L
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Direct Info from Product Website :

Power Sand Advance is a base substrate material that typically used in conjuction with aqua soil.
Recommended not to use it on it’s own, it’s typically placed under the aqua soil layer.

Power Sand Advance is designed to provide nutrients for the roots of aquatic plants and to help promote growth of bacteria in the substrate. Porous volcanic stones secure the water circulation, and organic nutrients promote the growths of bacteria.

This product has more nutrients than POWER SAND, and on top of Bacter 100 and Clear Super, it also contains bamboo charcoal powder (BC powder), which helps encourage the growth of plants.

Choose an appropriate granule size (Small, Medium) based on depth of aquarium water in your tank. 2-liter and 6-liter bags are available.

  • Power Sand Advance  S (2L)   –  Less than 40cm
  • Power Sand Advance  M (6L) –   40cm+


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