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Size Guide / Model Specifications

NOTE: Larger Aquario NEO Acrylic Diffusers may be used in smaller tanks.

Tiny –   ~15 Gallons
Small –   ~30 Gallons
Medium –   ~70 Gallons
Large –   80 Gallons +


The Aquario NEO CO2 Extended diffuser dissolves carbon dioxide into a fine mist of bubbles which allows for better dissolution in your water column. Aquario’s NEO CO2 Diffuser credits itself as a diffuser that will last longer than most glass diffusers. This is the special extended version that removes the need for tubing inside of the aquarium. The NEO CO2 Diffuser Extended Acrylic edition allows for a cleaner look. Installation is done by applying heat and bending it over your tank rim. *see photos* The best part? It’s made of acrylic so it won’t break easily! We’ve tested this product ourselves by throwing it on the floor and they don’t break.

Micro Holes

The Aquario NEO CO2 Diffuser has super tiny micro nanoholes that make CO2 bubbles disperse in a super fine mist. This super-fine mist makes it easier for the CO2 to break down in your aquarium. Super Crucial!

super fine porous micro 150 times

Aquario NEO CO2 Diffuser at 150 times magnification – SUPER POROUS

other glass diffusers

Other Name Brand Glass diffuser at 150 times magnification – NOT AS POROUS


  • Soak it in water for 30 minutes before use to produce smaller bubbles.
  • When bubbles begin getting larger, put it in bleach for 10 minutes and wash with water several times removing all the bleach inside before use.

The videos below demonstrates how to properly bend and install an Aquario NEO Extended Acrylic CO2 Diffuser:

Aquario Neo CO2 Diffuser for Planted Tank Aquariums

CO2 diffusers efficiently distribute CO2 in a planted aquarium. This special extended long NEO diffuser from Aquario features microscopically small holes resulting in very fine and thorough bubble diffusion along with an extended connection piece. The longer extended connection piece allows the user to keep clean lines within the aquarium and minimizes the need for suction cups that would usually be used to keep CO2 tubing straight in-tank. The diffuser chamber itself is also smaller in size, decreasing its presence in the planted aquarium tank. In addition, the extended length allows the user to physically bend the connection to form a perfect u-bend to hand on rimless aquarium tanks seamlessly to match a cleaner aesthetic. This can be easily done via a heat. Example shown below.


Shop Aquario NEO Extended Acrylic CO2 Diffuser CO2 - Glass Aqua

With design features improved, the extended NEO CO2 diffuser still provides the same microbubbles that are perfect in size and easily diffused into an entire aquarium, effectively allowing aquatic plants to absorb CO2 properly. Sleek and sturdy, the Neo Diffuser is made from high-quality, transparent acrylic and is not easily broken when performing aquarium maintenance. Similar to other diffusers, users are able to place it in the corner of a planted aquarium securely with the provided suction cup.

 TIP: Soak the diffuser in water for 30 minutes before use to produce smaller bubbles.

 TIP: When bubble diffusion is slowed, soak it in bleach for 10 minutes and rinse with water thoroughly to ensure any residual bleach is gone.



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