Aquario Neo Plant Booster – Organic Carbon 300ml
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While this is not a recommended alternative to using CO2 injection, it is a great option for those who don’t want to inject CO2.

The Neo Booster Water Conditioner from AQUARIO is a carbon fertilizer for aquatic plants. It provides plants with organic carbon, one of the most important building blocks for plant growth.
In addition to the three macronutrients, nitrate, phosphate and potassium, plants need light as a source of energy to build up various organic carbon compounds from carbon dioxide. This process is called photosynthesis. The carbon compounds, mostly sugars, can be stored by the plants, transported and made available again at the right time.
AQUARIO Neo Booster supplies the aquarium plants with essential organic carbon via the water column and thus improves the absorption of nutrients. This leads to more vigorous and particularly colourful growth.

Development of aquatic plants

The improved absorption of nutrients counteracts nutrient imbalances. Since the aquatic plants absorb most of the nutrients, excessive algae growth is limited.

Neo C Water Conditioner Care Example

Another positive side effect of using AQUARIO Neo Booster Water Conditioner is that helper bacteria can also benefit from organic carbon. These metabolise excess food residues or waste, and the water becomes clearer as a result.

Neo C water conditioner also cares for fish

AQUARIO Neo Booster Water Conditioner is safe to use. Fish or shrimp are not endangered by the ingredients.


  • Effective fertilisation with organic carbon
  • Promotes the uptake of nutrients
  • Intensifies colourfulness of the plants
  • Counteracts nutrient imbalance
  • Can limit algae growth
  • Non toxic for fish or shrimps
  • Available in unit sizes 300 ml as well as 1.000 ml


Shake well before using!

The manufacturer recommends dosing 10 ml of AQUARIO Neo Booster Water Conditioner per 40 litres of aquarium water.
The cap sizes of the two available container sizes are different.
1 cap AQUARIO Neo Booster Water Conditioner 300 ml = 5 ml
1 cap AQUARIO Neo Booster Water Conditioner 1.000 ml = 10 ml


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