Aquario Powdered Neo Soil for Plants 8L (FREE ROOT TABS GIFT)
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**Powdered type is smaller grains, much finer, and great to make your nanoscape look more detailed.**

refer to Neo Soil for Shrimps if you prefer a more shrimp-beneficial aquatic soil.


Neo soil for plants is made with volcanic soil and optimized for growth of aquatic plants,
making it easy for beginners and better for the experienced to grow aquatic plants.

Excellent growth of aquatic plant

Growing condition

Only Neo soil plants used
Not any kind of fertilizers added

Containing powder bacteria and food for bacteria

Containing main bacteria and others of Neo A, it eliminates pollutants on the bottom being activated as soon as contacting with water. And contained food for bacteria helps bacteria long last stably. Beneficial bacteria suppress propagation of various germs

Fast activation of the bottom

Activation of the bottom makes roots of aquatic plants absorb the nutrition effectively, which enables to grow abundantly with less fertilizer preventing moss in advance.

Maintaining stable water quality

Water quality with Neo soil for Plants

DAY NH3/NH4(mg/l) NO2(mg/l) NO3(mg/l)
Original Water 0 0 12.5
2016.04.05 0.3 3 100
2016.04.11 0 0 50
2016.04.18 0 0 25
2016.04.23 0 0 12.5
  • This product contains bacteria that white substance occasionally could be found in the package, but normal.
  • For growth of aquatic plants needed to be equipped with Co2 system (Neo Co2 or high pressure Co2), proper light and fertilizer.
  • 1/3 water change per every 3 days after setting. 1/3 water change per a week afterward.
  • When used with other brand soil, needed more frequent water change to prevent bad algae.
  • Depend on user’s aquarium environment, management and other reasons, real growth could be different from the images above

Weight 16.6 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 8 × 45 cm


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