Chihiros Magnet Algae Glass Cleaner Nano
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Chihiros Magnet Algae Glass Cleaner is designed to clean and scrap the inside of aquarium tanks. It is a great tool to help maintain your aquarium glass free from algae.

  • High Quality & Strong Magnets
  • Ideal use for tight edges and corners of the glass aquarium, please do not use it for acrylic/plastic aquariums, otherwise it may scratch the or damage the plastic.
  • Suitable for most sized aquariums.

Product Specification

  Type   Mini   Nano
  Suitable for   6 – 8mm thickness glass   8 – 10mm thickness glass
  Inner Part Square Shape
2 x 2cm / 1cm thickness
Rectangular Shape
4 x 2cm / 1cm thickness
  Outer Part Round Shape
2.8cm dia / 1.3cm thickness
Square shape
4 x 2cm / 1.3cm thickness



  1. Put the plastic magnet inside of the tank and hold on stick it to the surface of the aquarium, and then put another external magnet on to the outside wall.
  2. Move the magnet to clean the aquarium.

Keep children away from this super magnet.

Weight 0.11 lbs
Dimensions 4.3 × 4 × 5 cm


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