Chihiros RGB Vivid MINI Black LED Lights for Planted Tanks
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Chihiros RGB Vivid MINI the latest led lighting fixtures, more powerful and colorful. Supports aquariums that are roughly 40-60cm in width or smaller.
It has built in controller that let’s you simulate a sunrise and sunset effect, customized spectrum intensity at each time point. Built in timer.

RGB Vivid MINI does not include ceiling mounts or stands, it only comes with hanging rope accessories.
If you would like to hang it on a stand, please purchase “Chihiros New RGB Vivid Stand”, click HERE.

This light is one of the best options for high demanding plants.

The New RGB VIVID MINI is able to adjust colour intensity higher than 100% by reducing another colour’s intensity. For example; reducing red’s intensity to 70% will allow you to increase green or blue blue’s intensity to to 130%.

On top of that, new generation of RGB VIVID GEN MINI has a more elegant design and also comes in black now.

Weight 6.4 lbs
Dimensions 42.2 × 21 × 11 cm


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