New Chihiros Doctor III with Bluetooth
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This product should only be used in tanks with TDS below 500ppm. If you do not have a TDS tester, please check here; Chihiros TDS Meter.

New Chihiros Doctor III is suitable for tanks from 30 gallons to 185 Gallons to suppress algae issue.
Please install My Chihiros or Chihiros Magic Apps for settings.

For tanks smaller than 30 Gallons, you can refer to the Chihiros Doctor Mate

New Chihiros Doctor III Bluetooth ver.

After 2 generations of Doctor, the new series is designed to replace the previous models by concentrating in a single device the functions that until now were carried out by 3 separate appliances: one to counteract the algae and two to protect and strengthen health, respectively of fish and shrimps.

Unit has 3 preset modes
1) Plants
2) Fish
3) Shrimps

Key Features:

1) Inhibits green algae and promotes plant growth

  • Inhibit phytoplankton initial growth and reproduction.
  • Activate micro elements to promote plants growth
  • Promotion of plants growth activates photosynthesis to stabilize ecosystem.

2) Kills crustacean pathogenic bacteria

  • Automatically kills the pathogenic bacteria in the water every hour through direct and indirect disinfection, which greatly improves the survival rate of your fish.

3) Depend on strong sterilization capabilities effectively kill pathogens

  • Aeromonas hydrophila Aeromonas “Aeromons hydrophila”, herpes, fungal, coli forms and other 99.9% kill efficiency results test.

4) Safe for filter bacteria

  • As there is no residual toxicity, it is limited to aerobic bacteria.
  • Compared to UV sterilizer, Chihiros DOCTOR III does not work steadily so regenerating and recovery of filter bacteria is increased.

5) ALC program is intelligent management algorithm

  • Aquarium environment changes according to initial, middle, last stage, sterilizing intensity and operation cycle is intelligently designed to change by time series.
  • As ALC program can simply choose a mode according to a aquarium capacity, it is very easy to use.


  • 1 year for Controller / Doctor III
  • 3 months for adapter and reactor/diffuser 

Please refer video for Installation Method.


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