9/12mm Stainless Steel Jet Pipes w/ Fan Head
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LitiAquaria 9/12mm Stainless Steel Jet Pipes

Being the smallest pipes in the pool, 9mm in&out stainless steel pipes are special gems of the collection. The pipes are super cute and should be “the chosen ones” for your nano planted tanks. The pipes are specially designed for shallow / nano tanks with short inlet nozzles and very compact in sizing.

Currently, this is the only size that has the special feature: An add-on special “Fan Shape” Outlet Head (interchangeable) is included. This “fan shape” head is able to create vortex /ripples /agitation on water surface, which increase the gaseous exchange, the important process in every planted tanks. Moreover, with good surface agitation, oily film would be eliminated as well. That is very beneficial for a nano tank where space is too precious to put in a surface skimmer.

  • Aesthetic and sturdy
  • The outflow jet pipe can be swiveled to the desired angle
  • All the components are detachable, hence maintenance-friendly
  • Every inlet or outlet pipe is inclusive of 2 suction cups
  • “Fan Shape” Outlet Head (interchangeable) is optional
  • Suitable hose size: 9/12mm


We recommend pairing the 9mm pipes with 20-30cm (height) nano tanks.

Suitable for most of the nano canister filters which use 9/12mm hose, such as:

  • OASE FiltoSmart 60: The perfect match! 🥰
  • Eheim Classic 150 (2211): with a “12/9mm reducer connector”  inserted to the inlet hose, it’s ready to go!

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 6.5 × 14.2 cm


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