HiTauing Full Spectrum Aquarium Light 18w 30cm(12-20″)
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HiTauing Full Spectrum Aquarium Light 18w 30cm(12-20″)

Fits 12-20 Inches
/ 30-50cm Aquariums
53 LEDs

1. Programmable, gradual 24-hour light cycle settings simulates sunrise, midday, sunset, and night
2. Sunrise & sunset function: a slow, continuous ramp-up from ‘off’ to ‘on’ over a fifteen minute period
3. Programmable moon light color: full spectrum, red, purple, blue, cyan, green and yellow
4. Fine tune lighting schedule
5. Color gradient loop operation
6. Custom daylight and moonlight time schedule
7. 2 modes available: the default auto cycle and the DIY cycle
8. IP68 Water-Resistant Rating
9. Low voltage DC adapter, safe to use, saving electric bill
10. Auto ON / OFF: default setting light auto light on at 6:30 am and auto off at 11:30 pm.
11. Ideal for freshwater aquarium and planted tank


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