Chihiros WRGB-II45 LED Light
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WRGB-II does not include ceiling mounts or stands, it only comes with brackets to sit on the edges on top of rimless aquariums.
If you would like to hang it on a stand, please purchase the items below
All Hanging Stand Options, click HERE.
Hanging rope kits for WRGB-II, click “Chihiros Kit” OR “LitiAquaria Hanging Kit
Shades can be purchased, click “HERE*OPTIONAL*

The Chihiros WRGB-II is a series of LED lamps that set the colours of an aquarium in the perfect light. The lamp is suitable for aquariums or aquascapes with a high demand of light and shows the different colours plants and animals in the tank perfectly. The wide design of the lamps makes it possible to illuminate all parts of the aquarium.

As this lamp has various LEDs in different colours, a great colour rendering is possible. Additional to the wight LEDs, there are also blue, green and red ones. This allows a great colour spectrum that give the plants the best possible growth.

The different colours of the Chihiros WRGB are controlled with 4 channels. This allows the separately available Commander 4 to control the colours individually. Also, it is possible to create a customized day complete with sunrise and sunset and even a pause without using a time switch as long as both Commander 4 and WRGB are used.

Chihiros WRGB-II Series LED, LED ceiling lights with high intensity full spectrum for densely planted freshwater aquariums; with the possibility of dimming each individual channel via an optional controller.




Deck mounted ceiling light for planted freshwater aquariums, particularly suitable for aquariums with particularly demanding plants as, thanks to the complete spectrum with white, red, green and blue LEDs, it can faithfully recreate the light spectrum of natural light and guaranteeĀ a flourishing and healthy growth even to the most delicate plants.

Aluminum body and possibility to adjust the light intensity through an external dimmer; in fact, with the Chihiros Commander4 it is possible, through the “Chihiros Magic” App, to individually dim each LED channel.Ā 

  1. Equipped with high-yield LED SMS 5730 (HDRI-LED), it provides perfect illumination with a complete emission spectrum and low power consumption.
  2. The WRGB series, compared to the RGB series, is equipped with LEDs that guarantee, for the same consumption, an increased light output of more than 40%.
  3. The perfect combination of white, red, blue and green LEDs guarantees an emission spectrum that is as faithful as possible to the light present in nature with optimized rendering:








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