ONF Flat Nano Plus
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Suitable for rimless aquariums with 5-8mm glass only.

The Flat Nano+ LED light designed and produced by ONF is a beautiful piece of equipment that will illuminate nano-sized aquarium tanks ranging from 3 to 6-gallon volumes perfectly. Constructed from simple materials, ONF’s Flat Nano+ LED features aluminum, plastic, and rubber elements making it extremely light and durable while zinc-plating keeps it sleek and resistant to unsightly rust buildup.

Matte Black

3-level touch dimming
Optimal spectrum for aquarium plant growth
Smooth swivel for easy tank maintenance/access
Built-in memory
Ramp up and down capabilities to reduce shock
Bluetooth capability via mobile app
Built-in timer

The ONF Flat Nano+ LED Light features on/off, 3-level dimming via touch. Flat Nano’s+ light output is the optimal spectrum for aquatic plant growth and suits various species of aquatic plants and their respective light requirements. Once a level is chosen, ONF Flat Nano+ LED Light has built-in memory and will display the level last chosen even when used with a timer. Coloration is extremely vivid, allowing the myriad of hues produced by aquatic plants, freshwater fish and shrimp to shine bright and clear. Abrupt on and off schedules have the potential to shock skittish fish, but the Flat Nano+ LED administers ramp up and down capabilities to mimic the rise and setting of the sun to provide the most natural experience for aquarium tank inhabitants.


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