iLonda L88 Auto Fish Feeder
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Used in our store for our 90 Gallon display tank

🐟 Wi-Fi APP (over 16 languages support, which suitable for user in worldwide) remote control supports – Accurate feeding time and countdown feeding time (maybe about 30 seconds delay) can be set. Best choice for daily used no matter you are not at home, at work, on weekend or on vacation..
🐟 Time obtains & servo system – Automatic obtains the global local time and calibrate. The servo system will start automatically and continue to feed according to the feeding time which had been set before, when the network is disconnected..
🐟 Feeds and fish tanks – The discharge port is adjustable which suits for a variety kind of feeds like pellet, particle, flake and small strip. Two kinds of easy installation methods (fixing clip and double-sided velcro). ILONDA fish feeder for aquarium fits small, medium and large fish tank..
🐟 Intelligent feeding protection – When power off happens, the feeder will stop working to protect your fish. Because the filtering system, circulatory system and purification system will stop at the same time which may cause loss of appetite for fish. If the feeding still continues, which may increase the eutrophication of water and release of ammonia nitrogen. It will hurt your pet fish..
🐟 USB power supply & manual feeding function – easy to get USB power, no need of battery. After you connect the USB power, you just need to press down the button on the feeder or in the APP (need to connect the feeder by Wi-Fi), it will rotate a circle with 360° for feeding..
Imported from USA.

Pattern Name:Standard Pack

Package content:
Wi-Fi intelligent feeder x 1
USB cable x 1
USB plug x 1 (only waterproof pack version equips with)
Fixed clamp x 1
Double-sided Velcro x 1
User manual in English, Chinese, German, French, Russian,
Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish and Dutch x 1

Material: ABS
Product dimension:
13.5 x 6 x 6.5cm
About 165 – 175ml

APP installation and steps of setting:
1. Install the APP
Scan the QR code in the manual or type the keyword “iLONDA” in
appstore or Google Play to download.
2. Start the device
After the feeder has been connected to power supply, long press
the switch about 5 seconds until the blue light start flashing;
Slow flashing means AP mode which indicate that the device enters
the distribution of network.
3. Configuring the device
(1) After connect the Wi-Fi by your smartphone, open the “iLONDA”
(2) Register an account and login;
(3) Click on “Add device”;
(4) After selected “Feeder”, check whether the indicator is
(5) Click on “Confirm that the light is flashing”;
(6) Select the Wi-Fi network and enter the password;
(7) Click “OK” and start to configure the device to access the

Warm prompt:
(1) Please don’t twist the container by hands.
(2) At the beginning of use, please remember to agree the
positioning requirement in the app.

Why the feeder didn’t work after set the timer?
This situation caused is due to user twist the container
vigorously to make the transmission gear disengaged. If the
transmission can’t work normally, you can disassemble the rear
cover and press the transmission gear to resume.


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