Barclaya Longifolia Red Bulb – Unpotted
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Lotus Tiger Red (With Bulb) – Imported Plants without Pot

The Barclaya Longifolia Red Bulb is a classic aquarium plant. It has become a bit more rare to find in this hobby recently. This beautiful underwater plant belongs to the Waterlily family (Nymphaeaceae) and is also native to Southeast Asia, where it appears in clear streams of soft, acidic water. Its elongate, kind of arrow-shaped, wavy, soft leaves can get more than 30 cm long and sit in a rosette on a tuber-like or elongate rhizome. There are olive-green or red colour variants; in both cases the leaf underside is of a different shaded color. Our plants are partly delivered as tubers without leaves that will sprout in the aquarium. They may be green as well as red variants.

Medium lighting is sufficient for Barclaya longifolia; it grows best with nutrient-rich bottom soft to medium hard water and higher temperatures (optimum: 25-28 °C, tolerance range: 18-30 °C). The delicate leaves are prone to damage by snails. This plant is primarily propagated by sowing; it also develops fruits with seeds when the flowers remain below the water surface. After periods of lush growth and flowering the plant may decline in growth for several weeks; during this time it should not be replanted.

Barclaya longifolia looks pretty in not too small tanks, as solitary plant or small group in the midground or background. With its elongate, wavy leaves, it resembles certain larger Cryptocoryne species.

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