Echinodorus Paul Kloecker – Potted
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Echinodorus Paul Kloecker – Unpotted Plants (Imported from Singapore)

Echinodorus Paul Kloecker is a fan favorite classic Sword plant. A medium-sized specimen that can get fairly large and tall. This sword plant features oval leaves that vary in color and form depending on the environment in which the plant is grown.

Like other Echinodorus plants, Echinodorus Paul Kloecker can be grown in both submerged and emersed conditions. When kept in an aquarium setting with optimal conditions, Echinodorus Paul Kloecker produces a unique red tone and pattern on its leaves while its emersed counterpart is typically green. A nutrient-dense aquarium soil will improve chances of success as Echinodorus are heavy root feeders. CO2 injection is not required but will contribute to better health overall!

Care Level: Easy
Lighting: Low-Moderate
Placement: Background


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