Myriophyllum tuberculatum – Unpotted
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Myriophyllum tuberculatum – Unpotted Plants (Imported Plants)

Also known as “Myriophyllum mattogrossense Red”

The Red Watermilfoil combines red coloration with fine feather-like leaves. It was erroneously called Myriophyllum mattogrossense for a long time and even today it is often sold with the label M. mattogrossense ‘Red’. It differs much from the true, green M. mattogrossense from South America.

This milfoil from tropical Asia demands high light, CO2 and nutrient levels to unfold its full splendour. It becomes 20-60 cm tall and each stem 3-4 cm wide. This species is fast growing and must be trimmed often to keep a dense, compact growth. Cutted stems can be planted next to the group to obtain an ever denser group.



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