Nesaea pedicellata – Potted
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Nesaea pedicellata – Potted Plants (Imported from Singapore)

Nesaea Pedicellata Golden is a beautiful aquatic stem plant that is still relatively new to the planted aquarium tank hobby. A selection from the original Nesaea Pedicellata, Nesaea Pedicellata Golden sports unique features that include bright golden-green foliage growing along a bold pink stem. We’d recommend using this aquatic stem plant in the midground of larger planted aquarium tanks or in the background of smaller planted aquarium tanks. Like most aquatic stem plants, Nesaea Pedicellata Golden requires high-quality LED aquarium lighting and CO2 injection to promote lush growth that is sought after by planted aquarium enthusiasts. Using quality aquarium soil in addition to optional aquatic plant fertilizer will help yield bolder coloration and healthy growth. If provided with optimal conditions, Nesaea Pedicellata Golden will require regular trimming to ensure lower levels of the aquatic plant does not get shaded from lighting. Trimming frequently will also aid in promoting bushy growth.

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