Echinodorus Horizontalis Variegated – Potted
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Echinodorus Horizontalis Variegated – Unpotted Plants (Imported from Singapore APC)

Echinodorus Horizontalis Variegated is a variation of the popular Amazon Sword, E. Horizontalis. Boasting a variety of rich green tones, this large aquarium plant is well suited for the background area of an aquascape to provide color and additional greenery. Like other Echinodorus species, E. Horizontalis Variegated is capable of growing in both submerged and emersed conditions as long as sufficient humidity is available to prevent the plant from drying out. Echinodorus Horizontalis Variegated’s adaptability makes it a great choice for beginner hobbyists and the plant works particularly well for Wabi Kusa setups as a statement plant. Nutrient-dense soil and moderate lighting should be provided as a minimum to support a healthy root system.

Care Level: Easy
Lighting: Low-Moderate
Placement: Middle or Background


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Dimensions 26 × 5 × 5 cm


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