Dwarf ‘Opal’ Umbrella Cichlid
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The Opal Umbrella Borelli Dwarf Cichlid is an extremely colorful dwarf cichlid. Males are particularly colorful, displaying opal blue bodies with red facial markings and bright yellow fins. As with most dwarf cichlids, females are less colorful, but still have an attractive appearance and plenty of personality.

The Opal Umbrella Borelli Cichlid will be best in an aquarium with a sandy substrate and plenty of hiding spots such as clay pots, driftwood, and natural rock formations. It is an excellent candidate for the planted aquarium, but it also needs a fair amount of open space. This cichlid is generally compatible with other peaceful fish as long as it has plenty of space. Small cherry shrimps and other small, delicate invertebrates should not be kept with the Opal Umbrella Borelli Dwarf Cichlid, but more durable, larger shrimps and snails could possibly make good tankmates in a large enough aquarium. If you are trying to breed, it is best as a species only tank.

Name: Dwarf ‘Opal’ Umbrella Cichlid
Science Name: Apistogramma borellii “Opal”
Temperament: Peaceful

Max Size: 2.5″
pH: 5.8 – 8
Temperature: 72-84F°  (22-29°C)

Care Level: Easy
Life Expectancy: 5 Years

Minimum Tank Size Recommended: 15 Gallons
Groups: Recommended in groups 3+ / Thrives in groups 6+