Electric Blue Balloon Ram
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Electric Blue Balloon Ram, a dazzling and unique addition to your freshwater aquarium. With its vivid electric blue coloration and distinctive, rounded body shape, this fish is sure to captivate and enchant aquarists of all levels. Known for its peaceful temperament and vibrant appearance, the Electric Blue Balloon Ram brings both beauty and harmony to any community tank. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced aquarist, this fish is a stunning centerpiece that will elevate the aesthetics of your aquatic setup. Enhance your aquarium with the elegance and charm of the Electric Blue Balloon Ram today.

Care Guide:

Aquarium Setup:

  • Tank Size: A minimum of 20 gallons is recommended for a pair of Electric Blue Balloon Rams. Larger tanks are preferable if keeping more individuals or other tankmates.
  • Substrate: Use fine sand or smooth gravel to replicate their natural environment.
  • Decor: Incorporate plenty of hiding spots using rocks, driftwood, and dense aquatic plants. Floating plants can help diffuse light and create a comfortable environment.

Water Parameters:

  • Temperature: Maintain water temperature between 78-85°F (25-29°C).
  • pH Level: Aim for a pH range of 6.0-7.5.
  • Water Hardness: Soft to moderately hard water with a hardness range of 3-12 dGH is ideal.
  • Filtration: Ensure efficient filtration with moderate water flow to maintain high water quality and oxygenation.


  • Omnivorous Diet: Electric Blue Balloon Rams thrive on a varied diet. Offer high-quality flake or pellet foods as a staple.
  • Supplements: Supplement their diet with frozen or live foods such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, and daphnia.
  • Vegetable Matter: Include occasional offerings of blanched spinach or peas to provide essential nutrients.

Behavior and Compatibility:

  • Peaceful Nature: These rams are generally peaceful and can coexist with a variety of other non-aggressive species.
  • Ideal Tankmates: Suitable tankmates include small tetras, guppies, mollies, and other peaceful community fish.
  • Avoid Aggression: Avoid housing them with aggressive or fin-nipping species that may cause stress or injury.


  • Breeding Conditions: Breeding Electric Blue Balloon Rams in captivity is possible with the right conditions. Use a separate breeding tank with soft, slightly acidic water.
  • Spawning Preparation: Condition the breeding pair with high-quality foods, including live and frozen options.
  • Parental Care: After spawning, the female will lay eggs on a flat surface or in a cave. Both parents will guard the eggs and fry.


  • Regular Water Changes: Perform regular water changes of 20-30% weekly to maintain optimal water quality.
  • Monitoring: Regularly monitor water parameters using test kits to ensure stability and detect any issues early.
  • Cleaning: Clean the substrate and remove any uneaten food to prevent water quality problems.

Health Considerations:

  • Swim Bladder Issues: Due to their unique body shape, Balloon Rams can be prone to swim bladder issues. Avoid overfeeding and provide a varied diet to help prevent this condition.
  • Disease Prevention: Observe for signs of stress or disease, such as loss of color, clamped fins, or unusual swimming behavior. Quarantine any new fish before adding them to the main tank to prevent the spread of disease.

Note: The Electric Blue Balloon Ram is a captivating and rewarding fish to keep. Their striking appearance and peaceful temperament make them a fantastic addition to any well-maintained community aquarium. With proper care and a stable environment, they will thrive and bring beauty and interest to your aquatic world.

Bring the mesmerizing beauty of the Electric Blue Balloon Ram to your aquarium today. Order now and experience the vibrant elegance and charm of this stunning cichlid in your home.


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