‘Red Neck’ Viejita Dwarf Cichlid
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Also known as Dwarf Viejita Cichlids, Apistogramma are vibrant and lively fish. Not only do they look amazing, but they’re one of the most interesting fish you can get for a freshwater aquarium. They love to explore their territory and will often interact with things they see on the other side of the glass.

Technically speaking, Apistogramma is the name of the genus. There are several species that fall under the Apistogramma umbrella. As you might have also guessed from their Dwarf Cichlid nickname, these fish also belong to the Cichlidae family.

Name: ‘Red Neck’ Viejita’s Dwarf Cichlid
Science Name: Apistogramma viejita ‘red neck’
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive during Spawn / Territorial

Max Size: 3″
pH: 6.5 – 7.5
Temperature: 72-84F°  (22-29°C)

Care Level: Easy
Life Expectancy: 5 Years

Minimum Tank Size Recommended: 20 Gallons
Groups: Recommended Solo, Pairs (M+F), or groups of 6+


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