Rainbow Goby
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The Rainbow Stiphodon Goby is a rare freshwater goby that found native to the waters of West Sumatra, Indonesia.
The Rainbow Stiphodon Goby will eat mostly on biofilm, it is a good idea to have a balance of meaty food such as frozen bloodworms or brineshrimp. These fish will also eat sinking pellets as well.

These fish are really hardy, making them easy for beginners, but great water quality is a definite must. These fish also prefer to have some water flow in the aquarium as well.

Name: Rainbow Goby
Science Name: Stiphodon ornatus
Temperament: Peaceful

Max Size: 2″
pH: 6.5-7.5
Temperature: 68-82F°  (20-28°C)

Care Level: Easy
Life Expectancy: 2 Years

Minimum Tank Size Recommended: 10 Gallons per pair / 20 Gallons for groups 6+
Groups: Recommended in Pairs or Groups