Samurai Gourami
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The Samurai Gourami (Sphaerichthys vaillanti) is a semi-rare species that is found in the Kalimantan River in Borneo; more specifically, in the area of the village of Nangah Sebroeang, which is south of the Danau Sentarum National Park in the upper Kapuas river basin, West Kalimantan province (the Indonesian part of Borneo).

Samurai Gourami appear to be endemic to the Kapuas drainage where it has also been recorded from the Danau Sentarum lake system, to downstream near the city of Sintang.

Name: Samurai Gourami, Vailant’s Chocolate Gourami
Science Name: Sphaerichthys vaillanti
Temperament: Peaceful

Max Size: 2.5″
pH: 6.0 – 7.5
Temperature: 75-80F°  (24-27.5°C)

Care Level: Easy
Life Expectancy: 5-8 years

Minimum Tank Size Recommended: 20 Gallons
Groups: Can be kept as single, pair or groups 6+ to thrive


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