Rosy Tetra
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These fish make a great addition to the aquarium, the males displaying the brightest colouration. Most specimens available in today’s market are tank bred but this does not take away from their beauty, they are also classed as a peaceful species and get on well with other tank mates as long as they are kept in a small group. If one or two specimens are kept they can become fin nippers but a group usually means that they tend to keep themselves to themselves and any fin nipping should not occur. They will be fine in a planted aquarium but these are not necessary as aquatic plants would not occur in their natural habitat. Keep the lighting dimmed and never keep these fish with aggressive tank mates. They will do well with smaller cichlid species, rasboras or similar.

It is recommended to feed any fish a mixed diet of live and dry food

Name: Rosy Tetra
Science Name: Hyphessobrycon rosaceus
Temperament: Peaceful

Max Size: 1.5″
pH: 5.5 – 7.5
Temperature: 72-79F°  (22-26°C)

Care Level: Easy
Life Expectancy: 5 Years

Minimum Tank Size Recommended: 20 Gallons
Groups: Recommended in groups 6+ / Thrives in groups 8+