About Us

The first Aquarium shop located in Oakville, Ontario. Residing just 30 minutes west of Toronto, establishes a brand new aquatic pets and plants store, providing customers with trusted products, healthy live stock, and reliable information.


Who We Are

Here at Planted Aquaria, we want to be as transparent as we can be. We are a small, locally owned and operating store that is keen on giving you the best experience possible when pursuing the fishkeeping hobby.  We care about our community, as well as our aquatic pets, so that's why we are extremely cautious over the care of all of our live stock and plants. We will try our absolute best to provide our customers with the service and knowledge that we have, to ensure you are giving your aquatic friends a healthy home they can thrive in.

Where You Can Find Us

If you'd like to visit our retail location with over 100+ livestock and plants, you can find us in the heart of Bronte, Oakville at 2350 Lakeshore Rd. West. Oakville is a beautiful town located just west of Toronto, and within the town resides Bronte, a village founded in 1834 and began as a small fishing village, what a coincidence!


State of the Art Fish Room

Our fish room was carefully planned out to ensure the healthiest supply of fish, as well as plants for our customers. Since there is a fish medication ban in Canada, the best we can do for our livestock is to pre-emptively provide them with vitamins and natural alternatives to encourage a healthy natural aquarium ecosystem. All of our aquariums run on an auto-water change system with filters in each tank providing our livestock fresh and healthy water everyday.

Where Our Fish Come From

Most of our livestock will be supplied local here in Ontario, this way we can keep up with our stock much quicker. By staying local, we support Canadian companies as well. We  will also  import a few exotics from time to time. So keep in touch with our social media for updates!