Galapagos Staghorn Branch (Manzanita Branch) (13-18″)
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Galapagos Staghorn Branch (Manzanita Branch) (13-18″)

Galapagos Staghorn Wood and Branches are a unique addition to any terrarium, aquarium, or aviary. These sandblasted pieces of manzanita have a warm aura that makes them a perfect centerpiece. Manzanita is compatible with freshwater tanks and ideal for attaching moss or aquarium plants. Nocturnal and smaller fish will love the security and hiding places the wood provides. Attach hardware to the branches to create elegant perches in any aviary or secure them in an aquarium to create a beautiful aquascape.
  • ┬áSinkable!
  • Creates a Focal Point for your Aquarium
  • Freshwater and Saltwater
  • Great for Fish that like to Explore!


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