UNS Controsand – Tahoe 3L
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Controsand is a natural substrate custom blended for freshwater aquarium and terrarium use. Made available in various tones and granule sizes to achieve the perfect aquascape, it is safe for fish, invertebrates and reptiles. Use in conjuction with Ultum Nature Systems Controsoil aquarium plant substrate to achieve optimum results.

Tahoe is a rounded pebble gravel designed for freshwater planted tank use. Its neutral color palette is versatile and makes it suitable for a range of popular aquascaping styles. Tahoe works well alone or combined with other cosmetic sands to create a custom blend for the aquarium, terrarium, paludarium and more.

Whether you’re setting up your first aquascape, or you’ve been in the hobby for years, Controsand is easy to use. Just rinse the substrate gently to remove finer grains, then distribute to specific areas as a natural accent.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Natural Gravel Tone: An blend of variable cool and warm hues, as well as its differing pebble sizes give Santa Fe an authentic look perfect for naturalistic or biotope aquascapes. It’s best used as an accent substrate to recreate the look of a naturally-occurring habitat, such as a riverbed or stream.
  • Inert Foundation: All varieties of Controsand are biologically inactive and intended for cosmetic usage. It will not alter water chemistry, including pH levels or water hardness. Additionally, Controsand does not gradually release ammonia into the water column.
  • Root Development Support: Controsand’s unique granule composition encourages strong root development, ensuring your plants anchor securely into the substrate and absorb nutrients effectively.
  • Compatible with Bottom-dwellers: Perfect for shrimp or other bottom-dwelling species that sift through sand.

Product Specifications

  • Approximate Grain Size: 3 ~ 5MM

What’s Included

  • 1x bag of UNS Controsand – Tahoe 3L


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