Large Aquarium Sponge Filter
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All you need to get the Sponge filters working is an air supply, and you’ve got an aquarium filter that’s not only reliable, but and hassle-free and easy maintenance. Sponge filters last for several years, and are reusable.

Make sure to rinse the sponge in dechlorinated water and not directly under the tap.
Used by fish farms and wholesalers for many years, sponge filters are a great choice for reliability.


Size Guide
MiniXY-2835 – is suitable for 5 to 10 gallons | Size: 12.5cm x 5.5 cm

SmallXY-180 – is suitable for 10 to 20 gallons | Size: 15.5cm x 7.5cm

MediumXY-280 – is suitable up to 40 gallons | Size: 16cm x 12cm

LargeXY-380 – is suitable up to 60 gallons | Size: 20cm x 12cm

X-Large Dual Sponge BioMedia Chambers XY-2882 Рis suitable up to 80 gallons | Size: Extendable 19.5cm-29.8cm x 13cm

  • With an airlift system, super biochemical sponge filter features silent¬†operation, and has an excellent filtering effect while oxygenating the water.
  • The special developed foam materials support the colonization of bacteria growth. It allow for mechanical filter in addition to biological filtration, which will break down harmful waste, ammonia and nitrite material.
  • It results in a cleaner living environment for fish, they are also useful for breeding filters and/or secondary filter.
  • Supplies the water oxygen
  • Increase the oxygen solubility
  • Provides biological filtration to the aquarium, helps to stable water quality.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Adhere smooth surface with suction cup

Package included:

  • 1x Aquarium Biochemical Sponge Filter

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 15 cm


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