12/16mm Stainless Steel Jet Pipes
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LitiAquaria 12/16 mm Stainless Steel Jet Pipes

12mm in&out stainless steel pipes are suitable for most of the common mid-size canister filters. The pipes are specially designed for shallow tanks with short inlet nozzles (i.e. 20cm) and very compact in sizing.

  • Aesthetic and sturdy
  • The outflow jet pipe can be swiveled to the desired angle
  • All the components are detachable, hence maintenance-friendly
  • Every inlet or outlet pipe is inclusive of 2 suction cups
  • Suitable hose size: 12/16mm


The 12mm pipe sets are perfect for shallow/normal tanks with tanks height of 20cm and above! With the short inlet nozzle, you can hide the pipes even at the high slope background.

Suitable for most of the common mid-size filters which use 12/16mm hose, such as:

  • OASE FiltoSmart100
  • Eheim Ecco Pro: 130(2032), 200(2034), 300(2036)
  • Eheim Classic: 250 (2213), 350 (2215)
  • Eheim eXperience: 150(2422), 250(2424)

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Dimensions 38 × 6.5 × 14.2 cm


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