Dracaena sanderiana (Lucky Bamboo) – Unpotted
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Dracaena sanderiana – Unpotted Plants (Imported Plants)

Dracaena sanderiana is also commonly known as Lucky Bamboo, though it is not a true bamboo plant and is often mislabeled as a bamboo plant. This is a plant that effortlessly combines beauty and symbolism. With its graceful form and vibrant green foliage, Lucky Bamboo is more than just a decorative plant—it is a timeless symbol of luck, fortune, and positive energy.

This plant should not be fully submerged or planted in the aquarium. We recommend using our Glass Pot w/ Suction Cup Mounts and place them near the top of the aquarium, and make sure to keep the leaves above the waterline.”

They are sold as stalks, meaning you will have to trim them and allow them to grow to look like a bamboo, as they are not true bamboo plants.

CO2: Recommended, not required.
Growth Rates: Medium
Difficulty Level: Medium
Lighting Requirements: Medium-High


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