Ammania Gracilis – Potted
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Ammania Gracilis – Potted Plants (Imported Plants)

Amanita Gracilis is an exquisite and vibrant aquatic plant that adds a burst of color and elegance to your aquarium. Known for its slender stems and intense red to pink hues, Amanita Gracilis is a captivating choice for aquarists looking to create a visually stunning underwater landscape. Elevate the beauty of your aquatic haven with the enchanting presence of Amanita Gracilis.

Care Guide: Amanita Gracilis, also known as Slender Amanita or Gracile Nymphoides, requires specific care to thrive and showcase its full beauty. Follow this care guide to ensure the optimal growth and vibrancy of your Amanita Gracilis:


  • Provide moderate to high lighting conditions for Amanita Gracilis to support its intense coloration. LED lights with a color temperature in the range of 6500K to 7000K are suitable.

Water Parameters:

  • Temperature: Maintain a water temperature between 72-78°F (22-26°C).
  • pH: Keep the pH level in the range of 6.0-7.5.
  • Hardness: A moderate water hardness ranging from 5-15 dGH is suitable.


  • A nutrient-rich substrate is beneficial for Amanita Gracilis. Use aquarium soil or add root tabs to provide essential nutrients.
  • Plant the stems individually, leaving enough space for each stem to receive light.


  • Amanita Gracilis benefits from regular fertilization. Use a liquid fertilizer with a balanced formula to provide essential nutrients.
  • Iron supplementation can enhance the red coloration of the plant.

CO2 Injection:

  • While Amanita Gracilis can grow without additional CO2, supplementing with CO2 can enhance growth and coloration.


  • Regularly trim the plant to encourage bushy growth and prevent excessive height.
  • Remove any dead or decaying leaves to maintain a clean appearance.


  • Amanita Gracilis is compatible with a variety of freshwater fish and invertebrates.
  • It can be used as a midground or background plant, adding depth and visual interest to your aquarium.

Note: Amanita Gracilis is a stunning choice for aquarists seeking a plant that makes a bold visual statement. Its slender stems and intense coloration create a focal point in any aquarium setup.

Experience the vibrant beauty of Amanita Gracilis in your aquarium. Order now to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your aquatic world. Whether you’re a seasoned aquarist or just starting, Amanita Gracilis will captivate with its striking appearance and add a vibrant palette to your underwater landscape.


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