Echinodorus Bima – Potted
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Echinodorus Bima – Unpotted Plants (Imported from Singapore)

Echinodorus bima has the potential to become quite large and should be planted in tanks that are able to provide sufficient room for its growth. Coloration varies and ranges from deep reds for new growth to rich greens for mature leaves. While this plant will tolerate lower lighting, providing higher intensity will increase vibrancy. Similar to other Echinodorus species, Echinodorus Bima is a hardy plant that adapts to a wide range of parameters making it suitable for beginner hobbyists. It should be noted that aquatic swords are heavy root feeders and require hearty substrates to establish strong root systems for healthy growth as a minimum.

Care Level: Easy
Lighting: Low-Moderate
Placement: Background


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Dimensions 26 × 5 × 5 cm


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