Ludwigia Ovalis – Potted
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Ludwigia Ovalis – Potted Plants (Imported Plants)

This pretty Ludwiga originates from East Asia. It is not as well-known as certain other Ludwigias but gets increasingly popular due to its quite easy cultivation and beautiful pink-orange tones of the roundish-ovate submerged leaves. In contrast to the similar Ludwigia repens from North America, L. ovalis has an alternate leaf arrangement. Under aquarium conditions, the Oval Ludwigia grows loosely upright, a little slanted. It forms a bush by its side shoots. The leaves are about 2 cm long. The terrestrial form of L. ovalis is rather green, while the reddish colours will appear in the submerged form.

CO2: Recommended
Growth Rates: Medium
Difficulty Level: Medium
Lighting Requirements: Medium-High


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