Anubias chili jalapeno
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Anubias ‘Chili Jalapeno’ – Potted Plants (Imported Plants)

Anubias Chili Jalapeño is an Anubias hybride of Anubias Chili and Anubias Minima. This species is still rare in the planted aquarium hobby and exhibits small leaves shaped like jalapeño peppers and a rich green tone, making it a great addition to any planted aquarium tank. This Anubias variation exhibits compact growth and works fantastically for mid-ground placement in nano planted aquariums. Like other Anubias plants, Anubias Chili Jalapeno requires little care and will tolerate a wide range of aquarium conditions. This aquarium plant can be grown submerged or emersed in terrarium-like conditions as long as moisture and humidity are sufficient. It should be noted that Anubias are slow growers, so some patience will be necessary. We recommend attaching Anubias Chili Jalapeno to your favorite driftwood or in between the gaps of an aquascape layout.

Anubias Chili Jalapeño is sure to be popular amongst aquarium hobbyists who enjoy miniature plants! We recommend providing this aquarium plant with a light fertilizing routine, clean water, low to medium lighting, and CO2 injection. Propagation is straightforward and can be done by simply cutting or pulling apart rhizomes to be reattached.

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