Staurogyne porto velho – Potted
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Staurogyne porto velho – Tropica Potted Plant

Staurogyne Porto Velho is generally rare to find in Canada. Originating from South America, Staurogyne Porto Velho is a beautiful aquatic plant that features narrow leaves with a pointed tip. Staurogyne Porto Velho grows quite well when provided with the right conditions and will develop a creeping growth pattern when provided with good lighting, CO2 injection, and a nutrients. Compared to its popular counterpart, Staurogyne Repens, Porto Velho is quickly becoming a new favorite within the planted tank hobby. It is versitale as a midground aquatic plant choice or even a foreground aquatic plant as it has the potential to spread nicely and low to the substrate level. With the ability to grow submerged and emersed, Staurogyne Porto Velho is a great choice for anyone who wants a lovely pop of green in their respective aquascape setups.

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