Hygrophila Sunset – Potted
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Hygrophila Sunset – Potted Plants (Imported Plants)

´Sunset´ is a beautiful cultivar for the midground to background. In its emersed state the leaves are very noticeable with whitish-yellow veins; below the surface the plant blooms in hues from light pink to a deep reddish-pink. As with the regular H. polysperma, this variety is easy to care for and undemanding. Most other colored stem plants are more difficult. A good iron fertiliser will help the shoots develop their intense coloring. The leaves of Hygrophila polysperma are 4 cm wide smaller than the species and therefore suitable for Nano Cubes.

Synonyms: Hygrophila Sunset
Hardiness: intermediate
Light Needs: Low – Medium
Plant Structure: Stem
Growth Rate: Fast
Can Be Grown Emersed: Yes