Red Tomato Vampire Crab
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The Tomato Vampire Crab or Tomato Red Vampire Crab belongs to a not yet scientifically determined species from the genus Geosesarma. This bright red small Geosesarma sp. “Tomato” comes to us from Southeast Asia, it probably originates from the island of Java / Indonesia. The Tomato Vampire Crab belongs to the very popular Geosesarma land crabs in terraristics, which are known for their intense colors, their compatibility with planted wet terrariums and their comparatively easy keeping.

The Tomato Vampire Crab is bright orange-red, with only the facial shield slightly darker in burgundy. With a carapace diameter of about 2 to 3 cm the Tomato Vampire Crab is rather medium sized for a species of the genus Geosesarma. The males of the Tomato Vampire Crab have a V-shaped belly pouch tapering towards the front, the belly pouch of the females is shaped like an upside down U in Geosesarma sp. “Tomato”.
The Tomato Vampire Crab is a socially inclined group animal and should therefore never be kept singly. Geosesarma sp. “Tomato” should generally not be socialized with other invertebrates, including other species or varieties of the genus Geosesarma, for reasons of compatibility.

The Tomato Vampire Crab is a semi-terrestrial land crab that belongs to the specialized reproductive type. The females carry few, but relatively large eggs under their abdominal flap, from which no larvae hatch at the end of the gestation period, which would have to develop in the water, but fully developed small juvenile crabs, which look like miniatures of their parents and which can go directly on a journey of discovery in the terrarium. In sufficiently large, well-equipped terrariums with plenty of Hiding places for the juvenile crabs, for example tubes and piles of leaves, juvenile crabs can grow up – however, both the adults and the sibling crabs like to predate on a juvenile from time to time. An extra rearing terrarium and early separation of the young crabs gives the little ones a better chance of survival.

A small group of 5-6 Tomato crabs – for example 2 males with 3-4 females – is well suited for a humid terrarium with a floor space of 60×30 cm or more. For three animals a footprint of 40×40 cm is sufficient. Surplus of females is always preferable, if possible. Geosesarma sp. “Tomato” is as a semiterrestrial land crab well adapted to the land life and needs for this reason no particularly deep water part. In the terrarium a shallow bowl about 10 cm high is sufficient as bathing place, which is filled with fresh water. The water hardness does not play an important role. Please pay attention to exit possibilities from the water!

Name: Red Tomato Vampire Crab
Science Name: Geosesarma Sp.
Temperament: Semi-Peaceful

Max Size: 2 inches
pH: N/A
Temperature: 75-82F°
Care Level: Easy
Life Expectancy: 2 Years

Minimum Tank Size Recommended: 5 Gallons for 2-3 / 10 gallons for 4-8
Groups: Recommended in groups 4+ | thrive in groups 6+


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